NOI is the magic word in property management, and one of the best ways to increase it is through savings. By both, reducing energy consumption and decreasing man-hour requirements, TrustHab helps you run a more efficient property. TrustHab can increase every-day efficiency by:

  • Keeping temperature settings within reasonable boundaries
  • Ensuring that vacant units are at an efficient setting
  • Alerting staff to HVAC maintenance issues without the need for residents to report them
  • Providing temperature setting history to show to residents, if necessary
  • Reducing the need for staff to physically check units for functioning

TrustHab can also create savings in situations such as:

  • Ensuring that HVAC systems are functioning correctly during extreme weather events (heat waves, freezes) for safety thus preventing property damage
  • Preventing maintenance personnel from abusing the thermostat in vacant apartments
  • Spotting potentials for property damage from extended periods of high heat or humidity

When property managers have the right tools at their disposal, savings become second nature with TrustHab.